Internationally acclaimed portraiture artist, Maciej Maga is commissioned throughout the world. Reinventing the age-old tradition of portraiture in daring and provocative ways. His beautifully rendered, big as life, oil on canvas portraits embody the human spirit. Maga’s strength is in the body of the work. His finest portfolio selections and famous commissioned clients span a thirty year career painting treasured family and personal oil portraits. Maga’s vivid and hyper-real iconic moments are brimming over with life, as if to push its very essence at you. Simplicity without extensive extraneous detail to distract from the essential specificity of face, gaze, dress and gesture. Maciej Maga edits worry, neuroses and conflict. He excludes who and what doesn’t interest him, and tirelessly works to bring out the life, laughter and beauty that he admires. Mastery of Maga’s craft, results in soulful and mesmerizing portraits. A documentarian of our culture, Maga connects you with the truest and lightest aspect of yourself. A sliver of life and incomparable style - a moment	► of frozen perfection relevant in the history of time.